Sunday, September 14, 2014

Congrats MK & RB!

This weekend I was in Philly to celebrate the marriage of MK & RB.  Lots of fun :)

Congrats to you both!

Monday, September 1, 2014

This Day in History: The Passenger Pigeon Goes Extinct

"Men still live who, in their youth, remember pigeons; trees still live who, in their youth, were shaken by a living wind. But a few decades hence only the oldest oaks will remember, and at long last only the hills will know."
--Aldo Leopold, "On a Monument to the Pigeon," 1947
A woodblock engraving of passenger pigeons
in flight in Louisiana. From "The Illustrated Shooting 
and Dramatic News,"  July 3, 1875

Exactly 100 years ago, on September 1, 1914, at 1:00pm, the passenger pigeon became extinct.  The last of these once commonly seen birds was named Martha and she died at the Cincinatti Zoo 100 years ago today.  

This bird, which was once ubiquitous -- and whose flocks were said to darken the sky due to their number -- went from being the most numerous of any bird in North America (and possibly the world) to completely extinct in a matter of decades.

Read more about why the passenger pigeon went extinct.

(excerpt from "On a Monument to the Pigeon" via Audubon; read the whole piece here)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jon Stewart on Race

MK's Colon

Yesterday you saw MK's bachelorette party, now see her colon!

(MK recently had a colonoscopy (she's fine, phew!) Lucky for us, she shared the photos!  Enjoy ;) )

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MK's Bachelorette!

Sorry for the long break in posts!  I'm back after almost a week in Dewey Beach, Delaware for my friend MK's bachelorette.  It was a blast!  Enjoy some photos :)

The wild & crazy bachelorette herself!

Excellent party favors (thank you LPJ!)

Beautiful Dewey Beach...

...and our small but lovely private pool.

(Check out MK's cutie Madden below.)

Baby Micah's first bachelorette!

The ladies (and one dude)...

Such a great time!


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